i was on maternity leave for 1 year, now i m going to rejoin the previous job(school teacher). help me to write the cover letter for rejoining. in this period we were in the contact with each other. my previous employer wanted me to rejoin whenever i will feel comfortable. so this is the right time to rejoin. pls help me to write the cover letter for rejoining. my email id is Email Removed
Congratulations on your baby.

Pretend you are sitting with your boss and you want to tell her/him about your desire to return to work. Then write that down and post it here.
i too was on maternity leave of 3 months.. i terminated my pregnancy because of the problem with the baby. now i want to rejoin my duty before the leave period... please send a sample letter
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Please contact your personnel/human resources/employee services office in your company to find out what to do.