"Good evening Sir (name),

I am a freshman student from BSA-2 and would like to ask for your permission as I am planning to shift my program from Accountancy to Financial Management.

As much as I want to stay in the program, certain reasons have impacted me in making my decision. I am aware that Accounting requires a lot of time and dedication but unfortunately, certain family commitments restrict me from being able to do so. I also find the number of units in Accountancy overwhelming as my parents are also having a hard time in finances. Most of all, the subjects were not something that I had expected. It has surprised me a lot which lead me to think that the course is not for me. I enjoyed the Business Statistics courses more than I did on major Accounting subjects. On the positive side, my cousin is a Finance Management graduate and has inspired me a lot to take the same program. I desire to be like him in the future.

The implemented quarantine had given me a lot of time to think about this decision. I have already told Ms. Mildred regarding this matter and I was told to inform you about it.

Hoping for your understanding and kind consideration.

(my name)"

Is this alright? Did I reveal too much? Is it too long? Does it have grammatical errors?🙈

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