Hi everyone!
I hope you can help me to correct this rather short letter of invitation.I make quite a few mistakes... and this is really important to me (and urgent) so thank you for your time! Please let me know if you find the letter too short.
(All the names are fictional, but I wasnt sure whether to write Mr. Adamson or just Adam and that's why I wrote the names.)

As a Swedish citizen, I would like to state that Adam Adamson, born on August 27th 1984 is welcome to stay with me in Gbg, Sweden. Being a close friend I undertake the responsibility of providing Adam accommodation at no cost. We intend to stay in my apartment at Lilla Gatan 123, GBG.

Adam has been approved as an eligible student at Gbg University and will study at the same faculty as me. I receive student aid from the Swedish student aid (Centrala studiestödsnämnden) and in addition I have savings of approximately XXX SEK which ought to assure the stay of Adam.

I hereby attach documents that prove my current address, income and citizenship.

Hoping for a positive consideration,

Your sincerely,

Anna Svensson
well is correct and okay,

i wish u help me get an invitation letter to sweden you can still reach me on Email Removed">Email Removed. also help me get addmission into university over there.

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