I need to write a quick letter to a judge regarding my 16 year old nephew, and I have wrote to him him one and they said it was ex-parte. My nephew needs help instead of being locked up, he has a drug(marijuana) problem and i could be because he is trying to be accepted by others. He really is a good kid at heart and knows he needs help, just don't know how to reach out and ask for it. So how can I plead with the judge on his behalf?
It's very difficult to imagine what the judge expects. If you're writing in defense of your nephew, of course it's going to be ex-parte.
So the judge is asking that you not simply take your nephew's side, but somehow also address the other side. Perhaps you need to stress that he has certain talents that would make him a productive member of society if the judge will allow him a chance at rehabilitation.
I suppose you need to show the positive side - that is, society's side. Explain why it's in the interest of the community to give this boy some help.

- A.