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here the rapidshare link for the brochure about the program: http://rapidshare.com/files/36953220/Brochures_5C27.04.pdf.html
and futhermore i would like to know whether nessecary to have my documents translated to english. im applying for an english program in the netherlands. and what kind of resume would you recommend for this kind of application?

and by the way, i do appreciate your help... so keep on Emotion: smile

by the way here an update of my part 3:

I am a very serious, goal-oriented individual motivated to evolve constantly and to equip myself with the knowledge and power to succeed in the future. One of my goals is work in different departments of an international company. Furthermore I desire the opportunity to work with people from all kind of cultures. And your institution with one’s Modern didactical principles provides broad education in various functions. Additionally, I admire the fact that the training stuff is available for counseling and guidance throughout the studies and also a study career supervisor. It exhibits that you care about welfare and success of your students.On account of this, I’m convinced with a bachelor degree acquired at your institution, I will be able meet my expectation and desires.

Studying at the commercial college I’ve learned to perform tasks and projects with people from different cultures and with different languages. And I also was already able to gain some experience by my internships in emphases you offer during the study.

Going through your IBE Brochure I caught up the contribution by Lonneke Hendrix and find it very impressive. It affirmed me in my conception and my ardent desire to study at your institution. Moreover I’ve obtained by the brochure, that you apply the Major-Minor Model, which I consider as an excellent way to study.

My independence and full responsibility for myself have driven me to a higher level of maturity than many of my peers, a quality that differentiates me from many other applicants.
Usually the institutions writes down in the ad whether they need the translation into English or not. Most of the empoyers don't need them in a earlier stage of the procedure. I would write an e-mail and aks them or just call them. As I was unsure about the call of the European Commission, I phoned them and the conversation was very pleasant. It turns out that my assumption was right but I was much better to hear a voice saying the same.
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well im applying for several institutions and some of them are asking for an english translation.the problem is, it's gonna cost me 200€.
Then you have to grin and bear it! But you can probably ask for a special offer, if your order is really big. Don't you know someone with the licence to translate? I would search in the Internet, if I were in your shoes but I know a woman who should translate mine. For the time being I didn't need the translation because I only got shortlisted. By the way, the link wasn't helpful to find whatever. Are you sure?
hi,,actually i nevr wrote a motivation letter..but now i have to cause am applying for a skolarship but i cant write it or how can i start or what should i say about myself ???can somebody help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........
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I think you should start a new posting, don't you think?

Hello!I will be very grateful if you help me to check my motivation letter.Thanks in advance!
Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Simeon Kostov, presently a student in my final year at high school. I am born and raised in Bulgaria ,in a family in which the most priced values are tolerance and cultural understanding .I have always wanted to get international communication experience and to get know different countries with their unique traditions ,culture ,customs and historical heritage. I am quite sure that becoming acquainted with another culture and living in a different social environment would broadened my mind and would made me much more independent and capable to face and deal with various issues and challenges .Getting sufficient knowledge is my primary goal and I believe that the best way to achieve it is studying abroad.

In 2007 Bulgaria became a member of the European Union which gave an opportunity to many talented and ambitious young people to travel and to look for better educational possibilities .I am one of these ambitious youngsters and i am very enthusiastic about the opportunity to apply for the international study program that you offer and to have chance to go abroad to study and work.

Personally I define myself as dynamic ,adaptable ,conscious and confident person .I am serious goal-oriented individual ,highly motivated to face various challenges .I think that a person should always be ready and well prepared to face and deal with the challenges of the dynamic world in which we live in,that is why I am truly convinced that studying abroad will provide me the invaluable experience and opportunity to develop my communication skills to a high level .Residing in a different social ,cultural , linguistic and bureaucrat environment would enhanced my abilities to solve different and sometimes unexpected problems and would made me a self-sufficient person .Being an independent ,conscious and responsible person I am sure that I will manage to adapt to a life in a foreign country. My independence and full responsibility for myself have driven me to a higher level of maturity than many of my peers, a quality that differentiates me from many other applicants. Studying and communicating with people from various social and cultural backgrounds ,according to me are amazing and exciting opportunities .I believe that the communication with other people is not difficult to me, because I am very open, urging for knowledge and sociable person.

My desire to study in an international environment is one of the main reasons for my choice to study abroad .The other significant reason for my choice is the quality of the education provided by the European universities. No matter in which specific field you would like to realize yourself after graduating you would have significant advantage if you have graduated in some of the prestigious European universities.

I am convinced that attending to one of the universities in Denmark will give me great opportunities in the future to become a professional in the field I would like to build up a career.

Every youngster`s task is to choose the opportunities from all possibilities and according to these,to create a vision of their future. My vision for the future is related to my ambition for getting qualitative knowledge and becoming a professional and I am highly resolute to achieve my goal.

When you decide to study abroad you need to make yourself acquainted with the country in which you are going to live in. That is why I made some researches for my own concerning all educational possibilities in Denmark. Quite honestly I was astounded when I discovered the various qualitative features of the Danish educational system. I also was impressed by the attractive business climate with high standards in education and research in an international perspective. I connected with some Bulgarian students studying in Denmark and they gave me detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages in the educational system in Denmark. They also shared with me some of their experiences concerning their adaptation to the Danish society .I think that the features of the Danish educational system such as active study environments ,the interdisciplinary studies and the project-based activities ,which unfortunately are not features of the Bulgarian educational system, will contribute for providing me of qualitative knowledge and competitive abilities for facing the challenges of an international career .The Danish educational system prepares you for the real world and helps you to develop your skills that can be used for your professional career. According to me this is very important because a person after his graduation should be very well prepared to deal with the various issues concerning his occupation. Unfortunately the Bulgarian educational system does not provide such an effective and modern way of teaching as the Danish does that is why after many researches I made my crucial choice to study in Denmark where the provocative way of thinking is encouraged and the modern teaching methods take place.

I have got a clear vision for my future studies. I would like to gain a solid knowledge of cross-cultural and intercultural issues and strategies. I desire to work in the field of international management of multinational companies. Working around capital markets is the career I want. I believe that studying in Denmark will enable me to develop the right professional qualities and to get the most appropriate knowledge needed for becoming a professional, successful and prosperous person.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I hope that you will be persuaded of my potential to perform well on this study program. I can be available for interview at any time and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,Simeon Kostov