I have read all your pointers on writing such a letter, but would like to see if you have any others pointers? Please? I would greatly apprecate it! Thank you! I am applying for a hospitality school to study for a degree in hospitality and management.

Regards, Emily

My name is Emily Savage, I am looking to begin studying for a career in Hospitality. Such a career requires a person who is very outgoing, has great people skills, someone practical and someone determined. I feel that I have all these qualities. I am a person who loves to interact with others on all levels. I enjoy the company of people. I have a good ability to be smiling at any moment, making people feel as comfortable around me as possible. I am a natural hostess, who loves entertaining and will go out of her way to make sure that everyone is happy with the event, and is comfortable about it. I am a determined girl who will never give up getting something done, no matter how much stress I am under. I handle stressed situations really well. I have always been told that I am a quick thinker, and a very practical one at that. I will go for no less than the best solution for a time and place, always correction or making it better after, if it is possible.

At present, the only experience that I have had in the field of hospitality, is working at a very popular restaurant in the suburb of Northcliff, Johannesburg, where I am gaining experience as a waitress, and a hostess. As well as this, I have spent many hours with people who work in the industry, watching how they work and asking many questions which have helped me decide that this is the industry for me. The experiences include working with chef Nicky Gibbs of the March Restaurant at the Melrose arch hotel, and with the hostess at the well renowned Wombles restaurant in Parktown North, Johannesburg. Through these experiences, I have come to see that I am a person who would love working in this industry.

As well as being able to do something which I feel I can excel at and would enjoy, I am also interested in the travel and learning opportunities which a career in the industry can present. I would love to learn and experiencne new and exciting cultures, lands and languages, which I feel could benefit me greatly in such a career.

Thank you for your time

Emily Savage
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Hi Emz.l.s,

Welcome to the forums.

To give you a pointer: Don't end your 'statement' with 'thank you for your time'.

Are you sure this isn't a document too important to be merely posted here? If I were to write an application of this kind, I would hire a professional proofreader to proofread it.

Let me know what you think.
Hi! Thank you for your kind response. This is a very important document i know, but the problem is that I unfortunately do not have the resources at ths time to hire such a reader... Emotion: smile From getting friends and such to read it, I think it may just be ok, and i'm trying to get my english teacher to look at it. So I will have to see. But thank you for your contribution! It is much appreciated. Emotion: smile
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Hi Emz.l.s.,

Would you mind telling us where you are? Are you going to study in the UK? It sounds like an excellent idea to ask your English teacher to amend your 'personal statement'. It's a very important document as a good personal statement can 'persuade' an admissions officer to offer you a place.
Yes of course, I am in Johannesburg, South Africa Emotion: smile I am applying to study in Cape Town, on the South Coast of South Africa. Emotion: smile
Hi Emz.l.s,

Which is your first language? How many per cent of the South Africans speak English natively? Thanks for your reply, by the way.
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