Hello everyone, I would like to ask for your help to review my letter of motivation. Thank you very much.

I am writing this letter to express interest in applying for xxx.

During my undergraduate years, I had taken fundamental courses of robotics in the form of mechanics of rigid and deformable bodies. I was most interested with the latter course because I liked solving the mathematics of objects being deformed to another shape or bent due to loads applied, especially when it involves three-dimensional systems. In the end of the semester, I created a project in Matlab that computes the displacement of an unbalanced beam when loads are applied in different positions of the system. My interest led me to obtain excellent marks of 88-100\% in every mechanics course that I took, a testament to my fundamental knowledge to take a robotics program.

Years passed and I am now a master's student, I have extended my interest to computer vision and AI. Although my coursework are about space engineering, my research is on the use of deep learning techniques to solve the problem of arbitrary-oriented, small, and complex background of objects in aerial images. We have evaluated our method in land and maritime-based datasets and achieved promising results. Our paper is accepted for publication in 1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision located at 2023 IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision Workshops (WACVW), a premier event in the computer vision community. This achievement in computer vision research motivated me to expand my knowledge to intelligent robotics.

I had also experienced the practical use of AI. My studentship allows me to work in a government-funded project that involves the deployment of AI-system onboard a satellite, the aim is to minimize the data transfer of low quality images to earth stations thus saving bandwidth and resources. This experience widens my knowledge to application-oriented use cases of AI that could be extended to robotics.

I am applying to this program because I want to truly achieve innovation in AI, thus inspiring me to get a formal education in intelligent robotics. The courses in perception, localization, and 3D sensing in IFRoS are the most I am excited to learn and expand my skills. Furthermore, the xxx lab in xxx is my goal to join with if I will be accepted in this program. The lab strongly aligns with my goal to do research in robotic vision, knowing that their Professors are active in doing research in this field. The program in autonomous and self-driving systems of xxx is also my choice of specialization if accepted, I believe that I will make the most of my skills in AI and Computer Vision in that area. My immediate goal after finishing this program is to look for research jobs in intelligent robotics then later apply for PhD positions in the same field.

Besides the great program of xxx, xx, xx, and xx are also the best place to study robotics and AI because of the number of startup companies in these countries, they are a hotspot of jobs in robotics. It is my great interest to study and work in these countries because of the quality of life and number of available jobs in emerging fields.

Lastly, I believe that IFRoS will shape me as a professional in xx robotics, especially with the industry collaboration for internship and Thesis project of the students.

Thank you for reading this letter and have a nice day!


1- What is the expected word count for that letter?

2- Which areas/points were you asked to cover?

3- What is the submission deadline?