Hello everybody,

I am writing this letter of motivation to apply for an internship in Canada. As the internship is going to be arrange by an agency I don't know yet who is going to receive this letter. But the sector will definitly be information technology.

Can you please give me some comments? Thank you!

Dear Sir or Madame,

In the process of completing my studies of “XXX” at the University of XXX, Germany, I am writing to apply for an internship, starting in spring of 2006. Currently I am completing my master thesis; with the end of this year I will graduate with the German degree “XXX”, which is in fact similar to the degree “XXX”.

During the past five years at university I gained a great theoretical and practical insight into both, business administration and information technology. During my studies I evolved a clear understanding in how far IT can successfully be applied to support today’s business, especially if this takes place in an international environment. The study of Business Information Systems is an interdisciplinary connection between both of the forenamed areas. The courses, I attended, are in analogy to this of a wide variety. The focus of my studies is on XXX; furthermore I am interested in XXX. All these courses are classical disciplines of business consulting. Additionally I was able to achieve theoretical knowledge of XXX.

Besides my studies I had the chance to apply parts of my theoretical and practical knowledge while working in different project teams. As an enthusiastic member of the XXX project I taught other students in the fundamentals of a well known software product and was additionally responsible for the development of assessments. In another project for XXX in cooperation with the University of XXX I got a very close look into the work of a business consultant.

As I am a very communicative person with the ability to tune very quick in to new problems my aim is to work as a consultant with focus on IT projects in an international environment. At this, having international experience is very crucial for getting a start. Therefore I am searching for an opportunity to discover a foreign business culture while additionally enhancing my English knowledge and getting some practical experience, fitting to my studies. Here my general academic knowledge opens a wide field of deployment, for example as support of a project leadership or an IT project team for a consulting- or industrial company.

I believe my internship at your company will be useful for both, you and me. Thank you very much for your time and considering my request, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

For sure it is 'looking forward to hearing from you'. It doesnt sound correct I know, but this is the correct form.
This is an old thread, but please note the following.

'I am looking forward to hearing from you'. This is correct English, and fine for most formal letters.

'Looking forward to hearing from you'. This is a slightly shortened form of the above, and fine for an informal letter.

Best wishes, Clive
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A good specimen for the motivation of a company manager. I am using it as a sample and will appreciate you further more if I am really selected. Thanks.
Nice talks although it is a old post. I am also stock in writing my motivational letter for an internship position! I need some help please..............