Hello everybody - I need some help Emotion: wink - I apply for a postgraduate programme in Athens and have to write a letter of motivation. Could you please be so kind and have a short look on it? I`m not sure if I have all neccessary information mentioned and if there are still grammatical mistakes or strange word structures.

Thank you so much, looking forward to read your comments.

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Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to apply for the Master's Degree program in Southeast European Studies at University xy.
I will graduate in political science in July 2008 from University xy. My degree focuses on European Union Politics, the European Integration process and political communication. I have a strong interest in the southeast European states and their role in European policy and the European integration process.
The Southeast European region is interesting to study because European integration is creating an increasingly interdependent and complex set of political, economic, social, and cultural processes. This affects all democratic societies. To deal with these new challenges it is important to learn about politics and history of to understand the ongoing processes. Conflict resolution and regional cooperation can only be successful if we understand the basic causes of the problems in this region. I am interested in studying the role of within the European integration process and to learn how politics and society affect the European Union.
During my last semester at , I worked on my diploma thesis with main focus on the Council of Europe´s role in the European integration process. Through living in Germany, Italy, Austria, France and I have become familiar with all languages and ways of living. These experiences taught me to listen to people, to develop my leadership skills, and to take into consideration cultural differences. For these reasons I am entirely capable of integrating and studying in a multicultural environment.

Moreover, I worked for five months at the permanent representation of to the Council of Europe. There I had have the opportunity to work in the multilateral environment of the Council of Europe and to have a closer look on European decision-making processes. This experience encouraged me to believe that my future work has to be connected with and its multilateral environment. Because of my personal and professional backgrounds I have a passion for European related issues and I am especially interested in further developing my skills in southeast European politics.

With a solid foundation in academic theory on southeast European politics gained through the Master's Degree program in Southeast European Studies at University of xxx, I am confident that I will have the skills, knowledge, and contacts that will enable me to pursue a career in an international or national organisation or NGO.

Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response. I am happy to answer any supplementary questions you might have.

Sincerely yours,
hello, how did you post you letter there? can u teach me ? i got a motivation letter too , and i also want to post it in englishforum to get some feed back on it. But i do not know how to post it. I am already a registered member .
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