Hello Everyone,
this is my motivation letter to study abroad in the USA
Could somebody please read my letter and give me some feedback about it.
Could you also tell me the proper font to use? I am currently using arial 12

Thanks. : )

Dear Sir/madam,
I am a twenty year old student at the Universidad of *** in Mexico. I am majoring in physics on my 5th semester. I have decided to study abroad for the spring 2009 semester at the University of ***.
To study physics, one needs to be prepared with a variety of tools and full of curiosity. It is a demanding and time consuming field, but the payoff is worth it. The opportunity to increase your understanding of the physical universe should make any person exited. To achieve this, I have taken university courses ranging from college algebra to complex analysis. I have also taken courses on computer languages such as MATLAB, Mathematica, FORTRAN and LABView. I am currently doing my internship at the center of geographic information at my university.
Simultaneously with my major education I have been studying two foreign languages both at university and at private schools: English since elementary school becoming now a capable user of this language and last summer I have started to study French.
My current goal is to get my degree and expand my knowledge in any way possible, not just in the field of physics. I am very interested in the field of biophysics, which is why I am planning on pursuing a degree in physics.
It is worth noting, however, that I have particularly chosen the University of *** for my studies on the basis of academic reputation and the availability of an extensive range of courses that perfectly suit my interests. The city of *** seems like a beautiful and peaceful place to spend some of my academic time.
In conclusion, I consider that physics is one of the most important sciences out of all the natural sciences. The best explanations of our natural world come from this field of study and I want to contribute to the research being done around the world. With my solid academic background I am sure your University will benefit from my knowledge, experiences and abilities.
Thank you for considering my application.
Sincerely yours

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