I have to wirte a letter of application for a study abroad program. Could you please tell me if this one is ok?



Dear Sirs and Madams,

I am currently in my second year of studying for a bachelor’s degree in communication studies at the and I wish to apply for your overseas exchange program.

The reasons for me to have chosen this exchange are many. Firstly, I want to further improve my strong communication skills, which can be achieved by studying in the , a country worldwide known for having very good University Communication Programs and media industries. Secondly, we live in a very dynamic world, which requires flexibility and creativity, and, in these modern times of Globalization and the Internet, it is also important for people to get in touch with other languages and cultures, not to mention networking.

I always enjoyed travelling and I have been to most of , including , , and and on a family holiday in the .

In order to learn another language I spent four weeks at a language institute in , and I lived in for one year to start my university career there.

On an exchange program, I will meet different kinds of people and cultures that will give me different points of view, hence contributing for flexibility and creativity, besides the cultural and academic gains.

I see myself as an open-minded, socially concerned and ambitious person who thrives in challenging and interesting environments. Since it has always been a matter of course for me to incorporate an international experience in my education, studying at an outstanding American would be the natural next step in my academic career. American culture has always interested me, that is why I spend a year at an when I was sixteen. I am positive that the American mentality and way of life will make me feel comfortable and at home.

During my high school year I was part of the swim team, the tennis team and the theatre club. I learned to compete with others and how to succeed as a team. The way American High Schools integrate handicapped people in a regular high school really impressed and encouraged me to volunteer as a Special Olympics coach for the basketball team at my local high school.

I became a lot more self confidante and I learned how to solve problems on my own and I managed to integrate in a different culture really easy.

Being a person of high ambitions and a curious mind, I have always made sure to complement what we learn in class with work experience. My work experience includes an internship in the public relations department of an international working company and an internship at a TV Production Company in . These jobs sparked a huge interest in public relations and media areas where I see myself working upon completing my degree. In addition to this, I have been given the privilege to become a member of the international society and the film producing society of my university.

As a member of the new and globally aware generation, I have always had an interest in international relations.

I have always been both interested in and talented at the English language. Besides the compulsory studies in upper secondary school, my year abroad, I transfered from Vienna University to the University of Central Lancashire to perfect my English skills and to receive an even better academic education the University of Vienna provided.

I feel certain that my social and open personality combined with my genuine interest in both economics and the English language will be a great asset as a student at your University.

The and your University are exactly the kind of challenging and interesting environments that I am searching for.

Thank you, for considering my application an I look forward to receive a positive response,

Kind Regards,

Can you please help me?
Have you written the letter? Part of the problem with posting anonymously is that we never know if we are talking to the same person again.
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that one is quite too long..
For this application letter, it seems it is too long and it is like a wheel turning the same way. The impact of reading it nice but construct it with lesser than this one you have.

Fhaye Jones
as application letter it is too long, but nice. i think it should be bit short, people read quickly and put comments well. any how i read it shortly its nice

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