My wife is currently living in the Philippines and I am in the United States. Right now we are working on her visa to come here. We started the visa process in Korea. She needs to go back to korea to finish up the interview, but in order to do that we need to get a visa for korea, and they are asking us for a letter of invitation as part of the requirements for that visa. They said I need to write a letter of invitaion to the korean embassy and have it notorized. I know of company invatation letters so on, but this is a different situation. How can i write a letter of invitation so my wife can complete her visa in Korea?
here is something i came up with.

To: (korean Embassy Address)

Dear, Sir/Madam

I, __ would like my wife, ____ to visit the Republic of Korea for ____ days (or dates of how long she will be in country) so she complete her Immigration Visa to the United States. I am an active duty military service member of the United States and was stationed thier in Korea from ___ to ____. I got married in Korea to a Philippine national who was on a Korean working visa. We started the Immigration Visa to the United States, but my duty tour was over and my wife, ___ had to return to the Philippines. Now that we are on the final processing stages she must now return back to the Republic of Korea and visit the United States embassy in Seoul for her Interview. I am funding all her expenses and needs as she stays in your country.



What do u think???
WOW you good! I want to invite my mother from Uzbekistan to US, My wife give birh and I haven't seen her almost 3 years and its my first child a really want her to visit us and see her granddoughter and. We will take care of ALL financial needs . PLEASE give me advaise
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My name is sundas,My husband in the usa.He is aspermanent resident .He apply for me us permanent resident,Its take may 3 years and more .I want to go tomy husband.I dont know how to write a us ambassador in pakistan
hi can someone help boyfriend is working in korea as an esl teacher now he wants me to visit him there but as ive read he needs to write a letter of invitation and im here in philippines.He doest know what to write on that letter can you please help my boyfriend what is the best thing to say on the letter?
thank you,kristine
The letter of invitation is a sort of 'insurance' to make sure that someone is taking responsibility for you during your stay.

It is a safeguard to make sure you don't try to stay forever. If you don't leave then the person sending the invite is the first point of contact.

The person 'inviting' is often responsible for all your medical expense which (sometimes) requires he/she produce a certificate of insurance.

So simply send a invite e.g

Dear nnnnnnnnn

I/we would be delighted if you could come and visit us in (wherever) on (whenever).

You will be based at our home address which is :

27 Accacia Avenue
West Bloggit

Warmest Regards

Thats it. Unless the embassy processing your visa specifically request additional details.

Good Luck
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