Hello everyone, am applying for masters in Neuroscience. Here is my letter of motivation, kindly go through and make the necessary corrections, suggestions and criticisms. Thanks!!

I am interested in studying for a Master in Neuroscience starting in winter 2019. I graduated in 2012 with honours from the X (name of university) with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology.

The X-year undergraduate program coupled with subsequent work experience, has formed the basis of my keen interest to pursue an in-depth knowledge in the field of neuroscience. As part of my degree, I studied twelve courses in psychology, including cognitive psychology and psychobiology/neuroscience, two of which are directly related to the field of neuroscience.

Over the years post-graduation, I have garnered work experience in the fields of clinical mental health and education as outlined in my CV. As a mental health support worker in the foremost mental health and drug rehabilitation centre in X (name of country) – X organisation, part of my job role, included the provision of neuro-psychological care for persons with neurological and substance abuse disorders, from the set-up of neurological equipment such as the Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) machine to counseling and group therapy sessions.

Furthermore, in my position as a counsellor/tutor in a top level school in my country, I have engaged in the impaction of psychological knowledge to students in an A-Level program. Here I have also carried out psychological intervention into self-harm issues of students, by identifying, counseling and referring students for specialist mental health intervention. Both of these are in combination with continuing to volunteer with NGOs specializing in raising awareness about mental disorders in X( name of country).

I particularly find the neurobiological and mental processes involved in influencing and shaping human behaviour fascinating. Also of great interest, is the neuroplasticity of the brain in relation to memory creation, as well as the neuronal connections that give rise to cognitive processes.

Hence the focus of my research interest is on understanding brain processes and its links with neurological disorders, as well as the role of drug and substance abuse on triggering specific neurological disorders.

The following electives that are offered within your program have particularly caught my interest.

Basic Neuroscience - Learning and Memory: From single neuron to circuit physiology

Clinical Neuroscience: Clinical Neuroimaging and Experimental and Translational Psychiatry

Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience:

Cognitive Psychology – Attention, Perception & Memory

Cognitive Neuroscience – Higher Cognitive Functions

For me, life has been a process of conscious evolution. An integral part of this growth has been the values system imbibed in me by parents, teachers, guardians and mentors. In the near future, I envision attaining a position as a professor and researcher in a top university in my country X; which is seriously lacking in qualified personnel in the field of neuroscience. I further see myself developing professionally to become part of a think tank organisation, contributing to shaping mental health policies in X (name of country and continent)

Accordingly, gaining a master in Neuroscience will provide me with excellent knowledge as well as practical experience and research skills to achieve the above mentioned. At the same time, I am confident of contributing to the work at the school of Neuroscience, by working under the guidance of seasoned professors and researchers, to exploit my potential to full capacity.

From my research, studying in your university will equip me with the relevant skills to forge a career in this field. This is owing to a reputation for academic excellence, use of cutting-edge research facilities, as well as the encouragement and application of a multidisciplinary approach to solving of societal issues.

Finally, X (Name of country) is renowned worldwide for its rich cultural heritage and a reputation of orderliness, efficiency and effectiveness. This will contribute to my cross-cultural exposure in addition to my X (previously lived country and home country). I am confident that your prestigious institution will make my learning experience extraordinary.


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