Dear Sir,
i wish to apply for a study leave in other to attend my masters program.
It is very expedient that i upgrade myself. i actually applied to the University of Lagos and i have been admiited. i am expected to resume onthe 4th of October 2010. it is a one year program. i intend to travel on the 4th of September and will be away for one year.
In my absence, my duties will be undertaken/assigned to Miss Mr John.
Thank you very much for your consideration.

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Dear sir

I wish to inform you that i want to seek study leave for 2 years for my higher studies. As i want to upgrade my qualification and skills. Recently i have applied for a pelkom high school and i have been admitted.

Therefore i hope you will consider my study leave and i am really fortunate enough to enrolled by your estemed company.

Yours sincerely


Sales man

Dear Mr [surname],

I would like to request study leave for two years to upgrade my qualifications and skills. Recently, I have applied to Pelkom High School.

I hope you will respond positively my request.

Yours sincerely,

[full name]

Respected principal I the student of Dr Ac High school I dont want want to take a leave.But I am to much I'll do I can't come to school tomorrow and I wii do stuffy at home.

Your obsidian


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anonymousYour obsidian

What in the world do you mean by that?