Hello everyone, I am applying for the 2019 Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for Graduate Studies and this here is my letter of self-introduction. I hope someone would take the time to help me fix a few grammatical errors, and if there's a need to edit the content and structure, or something I could add to strengthen my case.

They asked to follow this facts:

ºMotivations with wich you apply for this program
ºYour education and work experience in relation to the KGSP
ºReason for studying in Korea
ºAny others aspects of your background and interest wich may help us evaluate your aptitude and passion for graduate study or research.


Throughout my childhood I have been raised with values that made me the person I am today, someone kind, responsible and who doesn't like injustices. All of this gave me the caracter to face all the difficulties that may arise during life. I grew up being an applied girl at studying, because of my father's demand, who instilled us that the studying is the most important thing in order to be able to develop as a person through life. Also since I esa child I have practiced sports, golf to be more specific, in which I gained abilities like to concentrate on everything I do, to think on strategies that lead to success, and to be persevere, knowing that despite all the failures, if we are persistent we could reach our goals. The possibility of choosing the KGSP scholarship will give me the chance to continue my advanced studies on high education institutes in Korea, being able to improve as a professional, in addition to strengthening the bonds of friendship between my country and South Korea.

The characteristics of my person mentioned above were those which accompanied me during my years of study. In high school I began to develop my interest for numbers, geography and natural sciences, and these subjects were the ones that made me choose a Bachelor in Tourism and Hotel Trading as career. On my years of university I realized that the area that I liked the most of the whole career was the organizational management of a company, standing out with the maximum qualifications in subjects like Human Resources Management, Market Research and Workshop in Entrepreneur and Innovation.

While I was finishing my thesis I had my first contact with Korean culture through gastronomy, which is something I also studied as a career. Simultaneously, it was time to face new responsibilities, this time as a worker, by means of which I gained experience in many areas, being attention to the public and information management of a growing company the most important ones. It was not an easy path because not everything I have learnt was possible to be put into practice, considering that all is in constant motion and change, and in part the knowledge also undergoes processes of change.Over my working hours I have noticed a great flaw in human resources, being these resources the key point for any company. Furthermore they also give identity to the organization and make the difference against its competition. I could observe that there is bad attention from the personnel towards their clients, giving a bad image to the company. It is my belief that this may happen because there is no motivation towards the personnel in order to make them feel part of the institution, since there is no leadership from the superior who is in charge of providing these qualities.

For this reason, I considered it necessary to continues with my studies and pursue a master’s degree in Human Resources Management. Only a few countries in the world offer a unique approach to education as this program does. Korea's high level of education, which is recognized around the world, and ranks among the top places with the best education in the world, is what made me choose KGSP over other countries. In addition it attracts me the fact that this program seeks to foster international exchange, as well as to promote friendship between different countries.

To be able to do a training on Introduction to Culture and Protocol in the Far East, in which we dealt with topics about the mythological, historical and philosophical roots that founded the Korean nation, and that nowadays ate the basis of their traditional culture, arouse my interest in Korean culture and helped me make the decision of start learning korean language on the Internet. All this led me to choosing Korea as a place for my master's degree, taking into account that since the beginning of industrialization Korea has stood out for the culture of education, providing values regarding work, discipline and entrepreneurial will. In addition, South Korea's rapid economic development is also due to its intelligent and unique way of disseminating information about its products through various channels. Therefore, one could say that South Korea is the powerhouse of the field of mass communication. I believe that learning about their culture and traditions will be beneficial to me if I had the opportunity to study in Korea. What finally attracts me is the country's strength to cope with the adversities it has endured throughout its history; and its vision in training young academics, helping them acquire creative ideas and knowledge of the business world, emphasizing the good character of the students

That's why I choose KGSP to continue my training, because this opportunity will give me the necessary tools to make a change in my country, with new ideas that allow me to give more value to the importance of human resources.

I hope you could help me with my statement and say what you think!

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