I have been an administrative assistant for over 20 years. I have always used and been advised that lining up the signature line, i.e., very truly yours, etc., with the date is correct. Lately I have been seeing this line all the way over to the right of the page! I think it looks terrible. Is this something new, or just another sign of the english language, format, etc. going down hill?

Rather, it is something old. When I was young, both date and signature were carried at the right margin-- as was the sender's address. At some point, the Powers that Be decided that everything looked better along the left margin. That usually includes the first line of each paragraph, which used to be universally indented, but is now more often not: the paragraphs are instead set off by blank lines between them.
Thank you for your response.

P. S. I love this website. It is enjoyable to help some people with their grammar, etc. I am debating whether or not to register. Is there a fee, etc.?
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No fee, no spam, no responsibility whatsoever. We like people to register only so that we can get to know them as individual posters, so we can better respond to their enquiries. Posts as 'Guest' are so anonymous that we have no idea at what level we should be aiming in our responses.

Thanks. I have just registered.