Hello, I am sorry to reopen a such of popular subject but I would like to know how my father could write a letter of sponsorship( I will be a student abroad) and also what documents do I need to attach to visa application.

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This is a simple model for a Sponsor letter:

I, (name of your father), Father and Sponsor of (your full name), residing at ( your complete address as it is in your passport), do assume full financial responsibility for the education of my son, (your full name) for pursuing his (Undergraduate or Graduate?) Program in (the name of country you are applying to).

I certify that I have sufficient funds to cover the entire cost.

Place: ( The place your father lives in)


Signature of your dad

As for your Visa documentation, you will have to show liquid assets for the study of your first year which includes the Bank Statement,Affidavit of Support from your dad and Income tax returns , also property and other bank accounts, fixed deposits etc...

you will also have to convince the Consular Officer that you intend to return to your country by showing house property or real estate papers. whatever that would hold you back in your Country.

if you are applying in USA or Canada, you will need to bring your SAT or GRE and TOEFL or IELTS scores too.

Good Luck!
thank you!!!

you are a sweetheart!
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Hope that would be of help to you. I wrote it before registering.

Take care and good luck.
Same for you![F]
Ouch! I meant '' the pleasure is all mine''. I wrote it too fast.
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Hello people,
I am Afolabi from Nigeria I have a question I would apreciate if anyone could kindly help me with it, I was denied last June in Abuja and I have another date for January. I was denied cos my dad travelled and his secretary forgot to give the sponsorship letter to him to sign and I ddn't noticed it until during my interview after I had answered the questions nd VO asked for my sponsorship letter and he noticed it wasn't signed, he laughed and said,( Dad forgot to Sign this) and because of that I was denied and now I'm filling my DS-160 form a space for a reason for denier is there for me to fill, please is it logical to say what actually happened or what should I say?. thank U
dear friend,it is not needed say what actually happened they will never ask about the former interview,you better apply it second time with your full documents.
one of my aunt in USA i just wanted to get a sponsorship letter from her to study their..
Can you please say me how to get a sponsor formats
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