i''ll like to have a sample letter in order to write a letter for my son who is going in front
of the judge for sentencing to morrow,i want to ask the judge to be lenient since the charge
was not a crime
thank you
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Hi Fritz,

I suggest you Google "judge letter son" without the quotes and look for a letter.

Your format should be something like....

Your name


Your Honor ***
Position (Judge of whatever court)

Dear Judge ***:

1st Para--Introduce yourself and state your purpose

2nd Para--Provide support for your desire for a lenient sentence...use a few paragraphs if needed.

Last Para--Thank the Judge for his counsel and consideration

Yours truly,

Your letter should be short, concise, on-target. The longer it is, the less likely the judge is to read the entire letter carefully. If it were me, I'd try to keep it to 3 pages or less.

If you like, you can read Martha Stewart's letter to the judge.

Above all, be respectful and polite. Don't blame everyone else. Show contrition for whatever harm you son may have caused.

I hope this helps you.


Hey, i am hoping for a quick response, I hope oyu can help me, my uncle is going to court and looking at two years imprisinment. I want to write a ltter to the judge, but i dont know where to start or what to say. Can you help me what should i say, i love him and i dont want him to go to jail he is a goo man. please help with format , content any ideas???
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Did you read all the good advice in the previous post in this thread?

Have you wrote to a judge in this sequence yourself did it work or did he responed to you?
Dear Judge:

The person in question
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yes thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for the advice on the letter. I need to write one for my husband. A lot of people who read these probably have 100 different situations but at least this gives me a start. I am not staring at a blank sheet of paper anymore.
i"ll like to writte a latter toa judge i was a victim of a fraud by a contractor took the money and ran

thank you

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