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How i can write a letter to my Professor for giving thangs
I need to write a letter to a University professor to send my research questions about my thesis;I want my Prof check my questions and tell me his idea about my research questions; moreover, I'm not used to writing formal letters. I always use simple word in writing letter.Can you help me?

Thank you.
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It's good to write a letter as simply as you can. Give it a try, and then show us. OK?
Dear Professor,

Hello. These are my research questions. I hope you find them good for my thesis. please check them and tell me whats your idea about them. I send my report to you.

Please help me write formal letter. I know its not formal letter. Thanks.
Does he already know the main topic of your thesis?

When you say 'my report', do you mean 'my completed thesis'?
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Dear Clive,

Yes he knows my main topic. I met him and we discussed about my research questinos. There are 3 questions in my Proposal.He told me I should change questions number 2. So I change and I want send it to my Professor to check them . My report is about these questions too. I explain how I want to support my research questions.
Thank you dear Clive.
Dear Professor Smith,

As we discussed, here are my revised research questions for your review. I hope you find them suitable, and I look forward to your comments.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Yours sincerely,
Dear Clive,

Thank you very much for your assistance too. May I have your E-mail address ? you are my angel.

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