I need to write a letter to a University professor to have some fundamental information for my degree thesis; he teaches in a Pennsylvania University and - through internet - I found out that one of his courses deals just with the subject I chose. But since I don't know him nor I can be sure he will give me an answer, I don't know how to present myself; moreover, I'm not used to writing formal letters. Can you help me?

Thank you. Emotion: smile

PS: Maybe I made some mistakes but I'm not english, I am italian.
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See below.
Sure, I will help you.

We can either do it here. Or you can write to me privately at

mountainhiker @ 138mail.com (spaces are too fool the spam bots)

We'll create a great letter for you.
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Thank you mountainhiker!Emotion: smile

As soon as I can ( I think within 2 or 3 days) I will contact you and tell you the details.
I look forward to helping you.

I have sent you the email!

Thanks!Emotion: smile
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I've responded. I hope it is helpful.
Thank you Mountainhiker: I think the letter you wrote is perfect!

You've been very kind... Emotion: big smile
My pleasure. I hope it helps.
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