hi, can someone please help me here, how to write a letter to my boss, asking about my salary for the past two months that he haven't given. i dont want to be rude but i dont know how to tell him. Here's the situation: the company is not looking good as the moment but he need to pay the employees' Emotion: it wasnt me right? he kept on delaying our salary and i cant take it anymore. That's why i want to send him a letter about that. i know & i understand the company is not earning much, but how about us? and i lso want to ask him if he still want me to stay' but the last time we talked he said he believed in my talent.. just give him a couple of weeks to settle everything. but it's been a month he havent get back to me. i will appreciate for the reply. thanks in advance.
Start by writing as if you were speaking to him. Post your effort here and we will review it for you.