How can I learn more efficeient way to write letters
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Hi, I would like to wite a letter to an organisation?
How can I write a normal (not official) letter..
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There are a few simply rules on letter writing:

1. To begin with your address (address of sender) should always be placed on the right hand side of the page, along with the date. If the letter is official then the receiver's address should on the left, below the sender's.

2. All letters should begin with Dear...., unless it is official and you do not know who you are writing to. In this case the letter can be addressed Dear Sir or Madam or To whom it may concern...

3. The first paragraph should be an introduction to the reason you are writing and the last should be a summing up and conclusion.

eg: I am writing in reference to your advertisement on the Forum on Monday 9th November......

eg: I look forward to receiving your reply..... / Please feel free to contact me for further information.....

4. You should end a letter with Yours Faithfully if you do not know the name of the person you are writing to. You should end a letter with Yours Sincerely if you know the name of the person.

There has also been alot written about letters in this forum. Check the threads from August/ September.
Tam's back!!!

As Tam said, if you browse through some of the earlier posts, you'll find a lot of interesting tips, help and advice on different forms of letter writing.
i have to post (upload) my resume in answer to the add on a .com website for the post of recruiter.and to write them a letter with the resume' i don't know what all to write ? how to start letter and wat shud there in paragraph,and in the end
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How should I adress at the beginning of a formal letter to an organization, without knowing any names:
Dear Sirs,
or whatever, thank you very much for an answer
Dear sir.
I would like to know the simple rules of letter writing.
I want to learn about normal letters and formal letters. Will you help me please? I don't know how write letters.
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