Name: Francis Wong, 6 years old
parents: Jackie Wong (mum), Garry Wong (dad)
Guardian; May Ong (aunt, picks jackie from school)
Behaviour: frequent absence (once or twice a week) since september 2007

you must write a letter to Jackie's paretns addressing their child's frequent absence in class and how it is affecting his educational, and physical growth. enquire about the child's condition, suggest solutions to the problem and ask the parents on how they could help their child.

Your letter must be in continuous prose, and provide details on Francis behaviour class.

Set your letter in the proper format, in clear accurate English and in a format and serious tone.

Your teacher has authority over you, so your teacher can tell you that you must do things.

You do not have authority over us, so you can not tell us that we must do things. It sounds very rude.

Insead of ordering us to do your homework for you, do it yourelf. Then, if you want to show us your letter and ask for our help, we will check it for you.

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No thanks i can do it by myself.

Hi Clive,

This is not a homework for me. I am going to write exam coming week and this is format for to know how to write and what are important points, that;s all and i no need to submit this homework to anybody else.

If u don't mind. May be I can do it onething that,I will write a letter and send the answers to ur personel email id may be if u time permits you can able to correct my mistakes and sent to me is it easy and teach me what are the important techniques.


If you write it, I'd be happy to check it for you.

But please post it here in the public forum. That way, others can also learn from what is said.

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Hi Clive,

Sure, I will do it.