I've often seen people end a post script (Ps.) of a letter with a Ds. Can anyone tell me what Ds. actually stands for and what the correct usage of it would be?

For example:

Dear Sir,

This is the body of my letter.

Letter Writer

Ps.This is the post script of the letter.Ds.

Thanks in advance for your help!
DS: Deinde Scriptum
  1. "in place of a signature", "the same" (referring to a signature written above on the page, typically followed by a P.S.)

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PS stands for Post Scriptum (written after)
As to DS, there are quite a lot of possibilities... Maybe Data Sheet?
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DS comes from a Swedish habbit of writing DS after PS. DS means densamme, which can be translated to "the same", or "the same as the author" of the original text before PS.


PS: Hence it should be quite irrelevant to write DS after this text.
Ds, is Swedish and stands for "Den samme", as The Same, meaning the post scriptum is written by the same person who wrote the letter above.
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Yep - I can confirm this as I was wondering why there was a DS at the end of an email from my Swedish girlfriend!
That's hilarious! I just googled this to find out what the DS stands for that I always put after my PS--I'm Swedish!
Ds stands for "den samme" or "the same person" (who wrote the letter).
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deinde scriptum

"in place of a signature", "the same"
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