one of your friends pen has written asking you to describe your favourite nigerian dish to enable her to prepare it.write back to her explaining how the is cooked.

You try.Then show it to us. OK?Emotion: smile


Godwin’s College ,
P.M.B. 556,
Isoko Local Government,
Delta State.
7th February, 1989.

Dear Dave,

I hereby acknowledge the receipt of your last letter which you wrote on the 15th January 1989. Dave, I sincerely appriciate your advice and the little gift enclosed in the letter. It is with gladness and enthusiasm that I am, at present, going to satisfy your request that I should describe how we prepare one of our local recipes so that you can try your hand on it over there. This is a most friendly request because it brings you a step closer to my culture. Because Nigeria is culturally diverse and rich. We have so many dishes. However, I want to describe for you how to prepare Ukwa Awii porridge. Ukwa is a tropical fruit which is a unique food or snack for most Easterner in Nigeria. Ukwa can be served as snacks when its seeds are roasted and served with palm kernel or coconut.

Ukwa is very rich in carbohydrates and contains little fat, and when cooked with other ingredients, it becomes a highly nutritious and well balanced recipe. Ukwa has a peculiar tantalizing aroma. Efu seeds, a local spice and pumpkin fruit add to the taste of Ukwa porridge. This porridge can be taken any time of the day and by anybody indeed. Most elderly people prefer eating Ukwa to eating rice.

We have direct access to Ukwa fruits in my locality. You can buy Ukwa fruits from an Ibo foodstuff seller in your area. To prepare Ukwa Awii porridge for 3-4 persons, get 3 cups of breed fruits seeds, 1 pumpkin fruit, 1/2 kilo of goat’s liver or tongue, 3/4 milk tin of crayfish, 1 table spoon of salt, 2 kitchen spoon of red oil, 2 Efu seeds, 2 red peppers, 1 onion, 4 pinch of thyme, water as much as possible.

Wash the pumpkin fruit, cut and remove the hard back and the seeds inside the fruit. Cut into desirable shapes and sizes. Wash the tongue or liver, cut into small sizes. Add onion, salt, thyme and seasoning. Cook till they are tender. Put the Ukwa seeds in pot and add plenty of water. Allow to cook for 36 minutes. Check whether the seeds are tender or not, add a pinch of Potash. Allow to cook for another ten minutes. Remove as much of the water as possible into the flask. Add the pumpkin fruit, ground pepper, crayfish, Efu seed, red oil and salt to the Ukwa seed. Allow to cook for 10 minutes. Stir the food and taste it for salt then serve. The cooked Ukwa Awii porridge will be served with some of the water which was earlier removed.

Yours friend,
Nneka Okoro.