No issue in recent years as much as attention as the debate surrounding the increasing in the level of youth

lawlessness. There are several sense for this problem and various measures can be taken by governments, schools and parents to improve this situation.

Firstly, no one can deny that, there is an increase in violent, robber and even murder crimes among young people. As many scientists have claimed that,the main reason for this is that, these days, youth are growing with lack of pay attention by their parents but also teachers. Moreover, children are not getting social and emotional knowledge at their schools.

Another reason is that action movies with murder, robber are being popular amongst youth. It is clearly seen that, these sort of movies lead to an increase crime among teenagers as they try to copy what they have seen in the movies. Futhermore, films have an important influence on young people who are influenced both by what they watch and hear.

However, there are measures to tackle such problems. First of all, the governments should increase social benefits to alleviate poverty. Another way to combat the problem is to have stricter punishment to deter teenagers from mass. Finally, we should promote social and emotional knowledge to reduce youth crime ratio.To sum up, the increasing level of youth crimes will only be solved if the above mentioned solutions are implemented.

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