Which is correct?

I was lying in my bed watching the stars through the skylight....

or, because it is in the past,

I was laying in my bed watching the stars through the skylight...

For some reason, "laying" just does not sound right to me.

(1) Yes, those two verbs (lie and lay) are very difficult.

(2) Many native speakers also misuse them.

(3) Perhaps it might be helpful to remember that

lay is something like put.

(a) In other words, you usually lay/put something (an object).

(i) Thus, you would never say: I am putting in my bed.

(ii) But you could say: I am laying my head (an object) on a

pillow. (But: My head is lying on a pillow.)

(4) When you watch American movies or TV shows, do not

be astonished by how often native speakers say things like:

A man is laying in the street. (lying)

Martha laid on the beach yesterday. (lay)

(5) I respectfully suggest that you memorize this table:

To lie (not tell the truth) - lied - lied - lying.

To lie (be on your back) - lay - lain - lying.

To lay (put something) - laid - laid - laying.
  1. I am lying in my bed.
  2. I was lying in my bed.
  3. I will be lying in my bed.
The present participle of 'lie' is 'lying', no matter if it's part of a present continuous verb (like in 1), a past continuous (2) or a future continous (3) one.
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