Hello, guys!

I really need your help to understand one sentence from the show "Lie to me"

There's one guy, Caden, a rapper, whose friends come to visit him in his house.

His house is very nice, in a good neighbourhood.

And looking at Caden's house a girl says:

For a guy who raps about being true to the 'hood,

Caden doesn't exactly put his money where his mouth is.

What does she mean by "being true to the hood"?

I would be thankfull if you could help me figure it out. Emotion: smile
The 'hood is short for "neighborhood" and is slang for poor, urban areas. Actually, it can refer to anyplace that someone is from, but in this context, a poor, urban, probably gang-inhabited area is what is meant.

So he raps (sings) about how you have to remain loyal to this poor area, but he lives in a mansion.
Thank you a lot!