Can you say if the following is OK, please:

1) What is the better way to say our life together in isolation our life that we spend together in isolation ''our living together in isolation '' or isolated living together?

2) can we say that ideas surge and grow?

3) that something is washed by the sea

4)senselessness (in the context ''the senselessness of this fortification '' meaning that it's useless now, without sense)

5) a space of inconceivable artistic possibility

6) is it OK to say palce of communication, place of isolation?

7) The time has created a balance which only needs to be given soul or which only needs soul? (does it sounds OK, although the meaning is ambiguous?)

8) His spirit guards divine beauties of this island

10) sth is immersed in green pines

Thank you very much
As you are clearly aware Antonia, many of the questioned you've asked regard metaphors and idiomatic expressions. Please keep in mind as I attempt to help you, that English allows for many ways to say things. When I comment on what you've written, I am not usually considering whether or not it's correct, only whether or not I would expect a native speaker of English to phrase it that way. This can become very difficult, because I cannot be entirely sure of the context of the phrases you've provided, nor do I want to deny you poetic license. Many works written in English are full of new and interesting ways the author has chosen to express themself. Don't be afraid to get creative.

1) Without knowing the rest of the sentence, I would say that "our life together in isolation" is the best option.

2) You can, but I've never heard it myself.

3) Yes.

4) Yes.

5) Not incorrect, but I would say that "unimaginable" sounds better than "inconceivable".

6) Not incorrect, but it may sound somewhat weird depending on the context.

7) I would say that "which only needs soul" sounds better simply because it is more succinct. The sentence doesn't make any sense to me, though.

8) "Guards" is fine, but I would add a "the" before "divine beauties".

9) That is correct and I understand the meaning, but I've never heard it said before.
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Thank you very much for your time and effort
Dear Antonia,

2) can we say that ideas surge and grow?

«To surge» is a metaphor from the sea. «To grow» is a metaphor from living things. The sea is not a living thing. The metaphors are therefore incompatible.

4) The fortification is «obsolete» or «redundant» or «now without significance».

5) An «inconceivable possibility» is a contradiction in terms.

6) It is strange.

7) It is unclear. Perhaps «The age has created a balance which only remains to be given a voice».

8) It is strange. It is a touristic metaphor?

10) It is not possible. «Immersion» requires liquid.

Kind regards, Emotion: smile

Hello Goldmund, thank you very much for your post.

8) it is not touristic metaphore, although it sounds cheesy enough to be one

10) there is liquid, the pines are near seaEmotion: wink

Thank you very much,

p.s. I unfortunately had to hand in translation before I had a chance to see your post. The text was full of such metaphores. I didn't know what to do whit them.

I hope native English speakers won't read the text anyway.
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