What do you think is the meaning of life?
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A maze full of numerous dead-ends and unexpected bends..At times,full of gifts waiting to be noticed and picked up by you. At times full of little surprises waiting in the wings..Emotion: smile [L]
I reckon that I'm the meaning of everyone's life... Emotion: big smile
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Let me tell you something... If you keep asking yourself what's the meaning of life, it'll be over too soon. Just live your life to the fullEmotion: wink.

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Clever words Iavor... Emotion: smile

life is unfair.....
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Ville_maddengurllife is unfair.....
'tis true... but try to overlook that and get on with it... although I know that's a lot easier said than done, as well
it's good to hear u.

u have great ideas Emotion: big smile
it's good to hear u.

u have great ideas Emotion: big smile

really, now?Emotion: winkI just repeat what I'm told.

I'm not one to be preaching... I spend half of my waking time in the dumps...
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