FYI Donald Trump is very successful. If being President of the United States is not success then I don't know what success is. He may not be the best but he's among the select 45 in American history. That said Donald Trump personifies the quote. He shoots first and asks questions later. I wouldn't confidently say to millions of Americans that Mexico would pay for an American wall, but look where that got him. Mark Twain was lamenting at the simplistic nature of life. It oftentimes rewards showmanship more than brilliance.

I split this post as it was no longer relevant to the original thread (posted in 2008) on the Vocabulary & Idioms Forum:

Anyway, as far as Donald Trump is concerned, yes he shoots from the mouth first. Nonetheless, although he is very blunt and upfront, with all those idiosyncrasies of his, many still love him.

As far as the wall is concerned, what some might not know is that Mexico had already built a wall between them and Guatemala because they didn't want people from Central or South America to come into Mexico! But seldom does the media tell you that, if at all!

The best thing President Trump did was to begin building a wall, and it still needs around 1,000 miles to be completed. Did you know that there were more than 85,000 Chinese that had come through that wall prior to the coronavirus pandemic?

Using military armed to the hilt who carry heavier artillery while better equipped to monitor, the new border patrol and the remaining area to be built is even stronger than before. No one has come through the wall, no Mexicans, no Chinese, no criminals, and no lowlifes.

So it’s doing its job keeping the borders from illegal aliens. Like he says, “if you want to come to America, you have to come through the front door".