How is life in United Kingdom?

Is it good or bad?

Are people fussy about cleanliness? Do they spit in public places? Do they take a piss(pee) and not wash their hands? Are there exhibitionists in U.K.

How much money do plumbers charge to fix things? Do they put their fingers into their mouth or do they pick their nose while fixing things? Do they scratch their scalp or clean their ears while working?
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Emotion: big smile lol, how extremely funny, is this just the perfect stereotype! although some of it may be true for certain individuals, but then dont you find this everywhere not only in the UK!!!!! Emotion: big smile

Are we fussy, yes very fussy, thats why we all live beyond our means and are obsessed with buying from places like Ikea! and most are obsessed with being clean!

Do we spit in public places, only the people that have no manners!

Do we take a pee and not wash our hands, I certainly do not do this and know many that do not!

How much money do plumbers charge to fix things, I have no idea luckily Ive never needed a plumber!

Do they put their fingers in their mouth or pick their nose whilst fixing things, again if they have no manners, but wouldn't that be interesting to see, someone trying to fix something but without using their hands!

Do we clean our ears or scratch our scalp whilst working, do you?

England is a fantastic place to live, and to experience although the weather is not a great thing, there is plenty to see, do and experience in UK, if you ever get the chance to experience it, maybe you should ask these questions to the 'UK people'. We also have very good sense of humours and very down to earth, so we don't get offended too easily.
hi kellyc thnks for your reply
can u make your comment on pee a bit clear. do u wash ur hands or not?
what would u do if u meet someone without manners?
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What a strange collection of questions Golden, from peeing habits to plumbers!

I think life here is good, yes, overall. Of course there are a few things I don't like and would change but I imagine everyone in the world could say that about their country.

Yes everyone is taught to wash their hands after peeing. I don't personally follow people into the toilet to check if they do or not. No doubt some people don't bother, but the majority do.

99.9% of people would never spit in the street. It is not acceptable behaviour here.

Are people fussy about cleanliness? Do you mean personal hygeine or housecleaning or what? It varies. Generally people are clean. Everyone I know bathes or showers every day, cleans their teeth etc etc. A few people aren't clean. A few people go to the other extreme and get obsessed with it.

Plumbers generally charge somewhere between £40-£100 an hour.

Do people clean their ears at work? I've never seen this, no. Nose-picking - not socially acceptable behaviour but of course I expect some people do it when no-one is looking! Do people scratch their heads? Yes. This isn't seen as a rude thing to do if it's just an occasional scratch. If fact, it is also a gesture that means 'I'm thinking'. But it depends why they are scratching of course, if someone was constantly scratching their head I would think they had nits(parasites) and that wouldn't be very appealing. I don't think any of these things are more or less likely to be done by a plumber than anyone else. (why would they be [:^)]). Exhibitionists? I'm not sure what you mean by that? We have some naturists - people who want to spend their time without clothing, but this isn't to 'exhibit' themselves. They will go to special places and the handful of naturist beaches we have. IT is not legal to get naked in public unless at a special naturist beach. When you say exhibitionist though, it makes me think of people who want others to look at them naked...we call them 'flashers' here (men who expose themselves to random passersby). This is illegal of course and quite rare.

If I met someone without manners? It can't really tell other adults how to behave. I might think some rather critical thoughts about them though.

Have you had an experience with a very odd plumber recently? I'm imagining a very grubby one fixing your toilet while picking his nose, scratching nonstop, spitting on your floor, showing you bits of his body that you really didn't want to see and then peeing and not washing his hands, then sticking his fingers in his mouth.
thanks for telling me the meaning of exhibitionists nona.(i thought exhibitionists were people who expose themselves others)

are flashers only men or are there few women. do they get punished for that?

i had an experience with a peculiar plumber. he didn't pee in front of me though but he did do other things. i'm obsessed with cleanliness.
Hi Golden,

We are taught to wash our hands after peeing, and it may be that some do not follow this, but speaking for myself i do.

Flashers can be men and women, they are punished for it, it is certainly not allowed to take place, although these things can never be prevented, there have been cases of women running through football pitches naked! for publicity reasons.

If these 'flashers' are caught they will be punished and the Court takes this very seriously, whilst i was working as a legal secretary we dealt with many flashers and their punishment can consist of anything from community service (giving their own time to help the community for free) onwards on what the judge feels necessary, if they are repeat offenders etc.

I think hygiene in general in England is of a good standard although of course you will meet people as in any country that are less hygienic than to your own standards or even to any other persons.

If i met someone who had bad habits then it would put me off interacting with them, but i wouldnt so much as judge them although if they were talking to me whilst picking their nose, i may have to reconsider that Emotion: ick!
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hi, kellyc. i'm really sorry for asking these kind of embarrassing questions. i hope i didn't offend anyone.
Was that peculiar plumber English then? If he wasn't, why did you ask if people specifically in the UK behave like him? [:^)]

Are those behaviours common in India? Are you thinking of coming to the UK to get away from all that?
Yes people are fussy about hygiene, the only people I see spitting are foreigners and young scum bags, yes people wash their hands after going to the toilet thats what we are taught as children.

Exhibitionists! Im sure they are in every walk of life in every country

It would depend on what you want fixing! As for the other stuff, I have never seen a plumber in my home doing any of the above!
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