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Sometime something interesting become boring, what to do? Finding new thing interesting? What is the real interesting thing for human being? xHell is asking! Has anybody found? let's share. It's variety. Hope finally eveybody find only one thing.
Yes you can consider life stupid if you like. There are also people who don't see any options for their lives. We call them hookers vagrants and a great many people you see at the grocery store. Normal people. I say its important to consider your options, check yourself to see how you really want your life to play out. Do you want to watch children grow or do you want to see ancient ruins, maybe you want to die fighting in Iraq.

Many parents have found themselves amazed with blissful feelings by married life with or without children. Others have proven the opposite.

My guess is you would not be blissfully content as a parent, perhaps choosing a career that you would need to travel to far and distant continents would suit you better, see how others live and die within the confines of marriage or companionship. You never know till you try, so get going and see the world. Oh, one more thing, can I come along?
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I see everybody has his way of life as what he learns. Knowledge is infinity to learn. How far we can go away from something boring. I tried, oneday I've found that I have to compromise with myself only. There is no edge in the space, where? Now I stop at myself inside and try to learn it. It's great that we share our ideas.
yes, i agree with you.. LiFe Is StUpId!Emotion: wink

I agree with you... 100% Read my sn..!
It is in the nature of Man that he is never satisfied with life. Even if you go to 1700th, I bet you won't be satisfied there too. If a man of 17th century visits the present world he would love to see the technological miracles and he will call his past 17th century life as "stupid". I believe whether you live your life as "CIRCLE" or as simple as 17th century, it’s never stupid as long as you have desires to make your life a successful one.

please feel free to comment...
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Sadly, I can only agree with much of what you say ! I have often entertained many of the same thoughts, as have most of us who ponder the mystery of our existence on this planet.
Below is an excerpt from my posted essay, “ A Search for Truth”

"There is nothing to suggest that man has a more defined purpose to justify his existence than any other of earth’s creatures. This is not failure to recognize man’s vast superiority, but an inescapable reality".
lol wow...finally i found someone that cs y like is so stupid...
it is a circle though. specially think about education
we as homo sapieans humans are just stupid. we have these brains that can do the most complex things yet we have to keep relearning everything. every generation has to be taugh the same thing we taught the last person. when we die...its all gone...so what good did that learning actually do us? other then yes we now have history books but we still have to learn it. and not to mention the history books that arent out there...such as learning right wrong what is dangerous. ppl can be told what is dangerous and proper ect but most of us have to find out ourselves...

life is stupid...its pointless. sure it might be an adventure...but id rather live to tell about the adventure myself then in some book where the next gerneration has the power to change the story...

if i were given the choice...to live or never have exsited...well of course id probably go with live...just because of curiosity. curiosity has an amazing power on humans...
but knowing what i know now...id rather have never existed...
the more u know the less u want to know...if u live in a thirdworld country and life a hardworking life of manual labor at 3cents/hr...and u dont know that america exsists...that there is such a thing as McDonald's and Burgerkind...that jobs pay a wapping 10bucks/hr...then what difference does it make?
to some of those ppl life is like ours...just on a different scale...
I agree with you guys.Life is stupid!!!!, and by the way, I don't believe in marriage. lol!!!!
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you are right!

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