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What is the purpose of life? I agree that we are stuck in an unreversable circle, and it is based on societal influences. Once again, we are pressured into the American sterotype of marriage and kids with the white picket fence. But in reality, this is not so. We spend money so we can learn how to work. Then we work to gain that money back. Humm... just some thoughts.
Jeez, you think too much. Just go with the flow. I mean, so what if life is one big stupid cycle. It's not like life has no meaning. It's fun striving for mediocridy. [F]
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A life wasted writing comments on the internet is a wasted one, that's for sure.

There's a window out there.

There's a hill, there's a cross.

There's victory through Christ.


life is stupid.......and think about it......the worlds revolves around money. and this comes from an eleven year old.
I think you are right... because that's exactly what I think.. Don't worry, just be yourself.. those who matter don't mind. Those who mind, don't matter.
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HAH. Yes well life is stupid, thats what I just googled and this was my first hit and I can reply! Joy! The western world is very simple for the middle class, all you have to do is what is expected and life will be comfortable. I think what you and your friend are missing is a CONNECTION in this argument (not your friendship, I don't know you..). People like to live comfortable and I guess you can't blame them, its just what different concepts of comfort are and the most publicly accepted one is education, job, marriage. Doesn't suit everyone though.
Anyways I think life is stupid because there isn't actually a point to it and people like to illude themselves with a point by giving their life a direction, same destination though, the grave. If you do a good thing in your life you've changed some more lives for the better, made them live longer or happier, but whats the point in their lives? To make other people live longer or happier? ( therefore still a kind of multiplication and still related to the topic woo!). In the greater perspective of things the more people living more comfortable and happy shortens earths best before by date anyway what with all the pollution, which nobody is ever really going to solve anyway.
If I had the choice i'd go live just after all the T Rexs were dead and convince all the cavemen to start human society differently, as long as they don't throw rocks and me anyways.
LOL I share your points.

Sometimes I wonder why I, or anyone else, was given a life at all. People were born, then strive hard all their lives for a comfortable death. They work hard so that they can enjoy a little bit more before their time comes and thus have some sort of fulfillment feeling. Left aside the core instinct, they get married, have kids just because they don't want to die alone. So, the point of living is to choose a more favorable way to die. We're alive just because we can't die yet.

And the 'life-progress' itself is like a game. Like is a combination of business management and dice rolling. Each of us is given an amount of time to perform crazy things; and it totally depends on the ABOVE that the amount is more or less. Normally it is enough for some enjoyment here and there, but there are some bad-luck cases that someone runs out of his time too early and some ultra bad-luck cases that someone has to wonder "Am I ever gonna die at all??" We play games to enjoy. So the main difference between our life and other games is that we can't usually enjoy it, since we are not usually the ones who roll the dice although we're the main characters in our game.
AnonymousIn the greater perspective of things the more people living more comfortable and happy shortens earths best before by date anyway what with all the pollution, which nobody is ever really going to solve anyway.
If I had the choice i'd go live just after all the T Rexs were dead and convince all the cavemen to start human society differently, as long as they don't throw rocks and me anyways.

Well it comes to me that this planet would be an ultimately joyous place if human beings didn't exist at all. Besides, don't waste your time trying to convince the cavemen, they won't understand you anyways*.

*Even now you can still meet bunches of cavemen rambling on the street. And I'm sure they're pretty like their prehistoric friends no matter of some dozen thousand years apart.
you are absolutely right
life is indeed stupid - if u want it to be so

the same old circle over and over again, as if u don't have a choice
infact we have the freedom to make our own choices - either get stuck in the rut (like everyone else) or live free pursuing what your heart tells u to do
I believe in the second option

yes you really have a point there, about going places and seeing different cultures, etc.
if that's what your heart says, you got to do it
generally everyone tend to go on in the same pattern as their parents or friends live - getting job, marriage, kids, kids getting job, their marriage, their kids, funerals, all the cryings ....................

and they call it meaningful life ............ well that's their choice

so go on and live to the extreme or ... die ....
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I thought i could share my 2 cents. Well I just kind believe that Life itself is a dream a very fancy illusion that has structure and balance which can only be manipulated by its own chemical propertys interacting with each other and those causes have pre set effects that causes the reaction to the action and this process builds up on each other to create a effect that is very simple but extremely complex and the balance of the world makes it so that everything in the end will be equal to its ownself. For example anything can be justified as not real, even reality is not real because real means by our standards apart of the physical world however what are we to make the assumsion that reality even exists. the universe in a broad perspective looks like a big play room for stars and chemicals to interact to form interesting figures. We are on a tiny rock revolving around a mediocore star one in many in the universe. Our existance if you export yourself from the world life could be a virus a diesease the world happend to get because it had the required conditions to the effect to compile. The earth was just a apple which grew mold (trees and plants) then after linked up to this molds getting infected which caused bacteria then you can root then with evolution and you can get a pretty basic idea of how it all happened. because the sun is knowing for giving energy so could it be the one who gave life itself, YES infact I believe 100% the sun created life due to the correct distance size and every coicidential attribute that made the earth who knows this rarity could of had a 0.00000006% chance and we are damn fucking lucky to experience this life and the fact that we became a advanced civilization could of been like 0.00000000000000000000000000001% but some woudl say these chances are way too off and its so unlikely that it would happen, and I say its a big universe it had a lot of trys and alot of time. However this diesease was the worst thing for the world because just like a real diesease it has hurt the planet. but who cares really for some average rock in a bunch of nothingness that has no value but what is value. value is given to something that we consider to be important and importance comes from survival so we automatically have the desire to survive and keep that in importance as a natural grown instinct but only because we have to or else we would die infact if we didn't we probably woulden't exist so it HAS to be like this. Back to reality not being real, now for example we have no previous conciousness or backup before we come to life so that means we have nothing to compare life to as a alternative. for example dreams are "NOT" real to us because the physical propertys in a dream have no structure and balance. and also in a dream our alternative is life which has structure and balance. so in that relation we accept that life is real and dreams are not. but life is just structured and balanced and uncontrolled by your mind because our physically gelly of a brain consists in the physical world so we ourself can prove to ourselves that we actually exist in this world because we can see ourselves and have the self awareness and concious capability to understand our organic body as being us. however now heres the real talk. LIFE IS NOT REAL? how does this make sense we know that dreams are not structured and balanced so they cant be real however life itself is not structured and balance either. We know that in a quantium scale things do not have the basic physical responses to actions that they would normally in a average human life scale. Our conciousness could be apart of this Quantium level of workbecause we know our brain has a operating conciousness no matter what scientist say they have no CLUE what creates coniousnessor how it even works. Well somehwere in the cracks and holes of the core of our brain I believe to the quantium scale that conciousness source location is smaller then a atom in size and the way it works is out of the boundarys of ordinary post atomic level reponses so the responses are unpredictible by humans and have no reality or structure to our basic concept of reality and structure so it could be that our conciousness is a illusion itself it doesn't exist but it does. so everything like I said in the begining equals itself. every single question comes back to itself. Being alive is = to being dead and a condition (time duration) in the middle. Is there meaning to life the best answer I can possibly think of is that eventually we will find that the meaning Has no meaning. and thats the way the world works. Everything is just nothing and nothing is nothing and is also everything. so it is us that found this word meaning and wants to know what it is however the word meaning actually has no meaning it was our own illusion of life that makes life real. so reality and illusion is within us because without the human conciousness to recognize this world = no world. basically the universe is a universal programing code to create things and the creation of things are not creating by anything but just chance. chance can create a outcome with no conciousness and eventually we could get lucky and it can happen again. I think that even after the human civilizations time is done new civilizations of another carbon based creature will arise and it is up to chance to deside its fate will it be as modern as us or it may draw exinct before it reaches that stage. I've been thinking if we die we have no time perception just like being unconcious you lose the perception of time itself 2 weeks can be a second to you if you were in a coma. I believe that there is infinite chance in the world so after you die there could bea chance that 857584 billion trillion x 34384983 years go and over 44 million earths and civilazations just like humans came about and something just got lucky and u wake up as a baby in a solar system and planet exactly the same as earth with the same body and mind like you have a genetic code that was reinputed so if dave died a (unknown) time period after his death his genetic code which idenified his conciousness to himself was reborn exactly the same as the first time. like if the soul of someone is just some html code of the universe and the universe just has to randomly input this code and the human will grow like a code inputed into a seed. so maybe right after you died and lost your time perception you will automatically wake up instantly after you have died in a alternate place and obviously your memory of the past life is completely wiped like same computer model and processor new harddrive. You get to lve in again but you wont be able to remember the past and we could just be the next shift from other places and times. Lots of ideas but lmao Im really stoned and I like to think when I'm stoned about this shit and it can all be fact or it could all be bullshit the reality is anything is possible and if you deny that its because you just haven't been lucky enough to be in the right time place or even deminision or solar system to experience it like we assume flying humans iis impossible but i bet somewhere outthere in the universe theres a human//bird race that wake up in the morning shit shower and shave then get on the air traffic express to get to work which is actually beating a weird creature we dont know of to death and its poision that it releases is there form of currency sounds impossible but you never know and by never I mean it.and if you got to the end of this please email me at Email Removed">Email Removedm what you think because u sir are a trooper! hahahaha
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