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I think that's your 200 cents. Lol.
hey.. i actually agree with you. i thought about it before but then i was scolded by my bf and he then asked what would i do with my life then. i said i don't know. but personally, i think life is more then that.. find a job and getting married.
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A life devoted to something that isn't real, to something that cant directly influence your life...that seems more like a waste to me. a life where you are bound to beliefs someone wrote in some old book, unfree, believing in something rather than your own self, not believing "hey I can change my life, I got my self where i am" but believing some unknown force is controlling your life putting you here, putting you there, we are here becuase we are here not because some "magical being" put us here. society is what it is, and it is created by us solely if one of our own doesnt fit with the society we have created maybe it is best for that individual do what is best for him which may be..not being here i dont think there is so so much wrong with that
Hey I'm thirteen. Life is really just revolved around money and complaining about not having a better life like that person that you see that's prettier more happy, attractive popular whatever you think you know this is true xx proof life is stupid xx
I kind of agree. I mean if you think about it.. We go to school, get a job, get old, and die. Its so hard to think we work so hard for all of it to be over one day..
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LMAO that was hilarious... I was strolling down for an hour and I hoped somebody said something in respond to his or her 2 cents...you said it all
there's probably no way you, whoever you are, will see this, but oh my god that's hilarious