In the last two weeks , I’ve been thinking of the marriage thing and how do people deal with it :
Some of them ( like my friend Zain who I study with theses couple days ) believe they have to get married cuz they’ve just graduated from the school and only one thing left to do … TO GET MARRIED !
I told Zain I believe it’s just like the bacteria’s life circle we study … he was upset first ,but I explained to him by saying ….

Zain , you were born 21 years ago , in these years you burned all the power’s recourse increasing the world’s entropy . All the hours you spent studying hard and working faithfully are only for one thing .. to have a good job … and why to have a good job ?! .. it’s to have enough money to buy home and car then get married …. Then what ! to have kids just like you before ! then the circle which started in 1983 will be done again but with more people on the earth and less power resources . life is stupid !
He shouted : then what the hell are you going to do ! are you going to build up the time machine or find a new galaxy, look around you god damn’t … all the people get married to start a new circle !?

Actually I don’t know if Zain was correct , he is a type of people who never bother himself to do any extra step in his life , ,so many people think the same . Zain believe I’m a little bit crazy … not only Zain Actually but 80% of my friends . I always tell them they have to think of traveling to another culture so they can do something more humanity rather than multiplication ( getting in the circle ) . I’m not saying we shouldn’t get married , but the general type of our life is tying us up . I believe if I had a choice I’d go to 1700th in somewhere in the French countryside and be more simple than me now . we become machines . we have to work to pay the bills , but how can we work without being involved in he bills ?so we are paying to work and so on .
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I think you and your friend need to stand back and take a better look. Life is anything but Stupid. You talked about the 1700th as if they had not work or had to pay bills. You are so wrong. For anyone that is anyone, there has always been work. But with the exception of people who were born with a gold spoon in their mouth, and I was not anything close to that. For me I like a fairly simple life with family and friends. To have more than what you need with money, you don't appreciate anything that comes to easy in life. I find working hard is very rewarding of anything you gain from that. Stand back, and take a deep breath. Life is an adventure, but yes... it is hard work.
I agree with you lilbit. What you have written here is absolutely true.
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I think may be meg2589 is standing on a mountain and looking us not only standing back. He can see all what is life showing like a drama. And I also believe in doing hard work. We should doing hard work on a mountain is the better way of life, to compromise our life.

Thousand years before many kings left their palaces to find the truth of life, practice as yoki. Their life were fullfill with everything before, but at last they also felt that life was stupid, born-old-sick-die, everybody is same. The circle they want to go out. How to go out from this drama. There is a way, people studying continuosely for thousand years.

Doing hard work but unnesessary or not? Just enought for survival?
To get married is to continue the circle of life, it's true. I agree.
How to avoid not to get married or not to love somebody, can you? If you can you are the top millions!

Becarefull, you may get married soon, don't forget to tell me too!
Dear Stony,
I am still climbing the mountain. I am not there yet to enjoy what is "life showing like a drama". he he he
the writer has got a deep thought.

you are searching for the reson of our life.

i support your view.
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Oh! Sorry meg2589, I did some mistake. I meant xHell is standing on a mountain, I have written the wrong names. I think xHell also can't understand what I mean. So why you can't understand what "life is showing drama"

xHell is not standing back to see all the view but he is now standing on a mountain and can see down to the life of people how is the drama showing everyday, same and repeat like a circle.
Life is stupid or not? This depends on who says. If you are something superior to human beings, looking down from above to the surface of earth, just like you look down at bacteria, maybe you will think that human being's life is stupid, it is nothing but regeneration! But in the eyes of human beings, it can be anything but "stupid". We are made to be able to laugh, to cry, to love, even to hate. All these experiences just make life interesting.
i think the marigge is important but we must don't see it in thid way
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