Life is today—not tomorrow.
The time you must live is now.
Don't wait for some far distant future
When all things will be right somehow.
Though busy, take time for that kind deed
That you plan for another day,
For perhaps there will be no tomorrow
When you'll pass again this way.

The burdens of life may be heavy,
But don't let them block your view.
Don't wait for them all to be lifted
Before counting the joys you have too.

The good and the bad mixed together
Must be put into proper place.
Whether you find joy or sorrow,
You must stand and meet life face to face.

So listen to laughter of children,
Stop a minute to watch them at play,
Give a smile and a kind word to someone
And you'll find it will brighten your day.

Be aware of each moment's small pleasure,
The little things make up the whole.
Fill your hours with bright shining minutes
As you search for life's ultimate goal.
Everything you say is so true!!! If only you could do something!

sometimes u know what u have to do but u just cant do it ..
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Some other times you know you CAN'T do it but u just do it, am I right? Emotion: tongue tied

When your mind beats your heart ..
yeah and u sleep in someone's soul.
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