I have been alone in excess of 17 years. I have only one friend in a rest home. I have a living mother down the road on the same ranch that has been verbally abusive my whole life. You name it and I have tried it. You name it and it has happened to me. I have been divorced 3 X. My only daughter abandoned me over 30 years now . My one sister we do talk ocasionly but we are not close and she has her own family. I have had so many problems I wish I could just drop dead and the holidays are even worse. It would be nice if I could connect with somebody in the same boat. I was worried that this might happen as early as high school and I am now 68 and my worst fear has come true.

Why don't you consult a psychologist? Or turn to a religion, read some esotheric books? Your life is getting worse and worse, why don't you do something?

Life is absurd. You, of all people, have definitely learned that. Most people do everything they can to be happy. Is happy the point of life? If so, I failed long ago. I don't live life to be happy. I don't even expect it anymore.

My story is somewhat similar to yours. I won't go into the details, but I also suffer from childhood abandonment 15+ years later, but I accept it. I have wanted to die for over a decade, but I can now conclude that there is nothing I can do hasten death: I can only wait. While, waiting, I have decided to do as much as I can in the meantime.

I am single (divorced), no children, no pets, no real friends, and I live alone. But there is an upside...I seldom get angry. I'd rather be lonely than angry.

Will a religion cure you of depression? Dedicating your life to an error-filled book written by people younger than 30 who believed that the earth was flat is a possibility, but not for me.

Will a psychologist cure you of depression? In my experience, no. Other people's opinions are just as valid as your own. Nobody knows why we are here or what the heck we are supposed to do. Why pay someone for their guess when your own guesses are free?

Self-help book? See above about psychologists.

I live to learn things. The internet is full of free education. I spend my time learning things online. Check out the Mental Floss channel on Youtube. Live to learn, not to be happy. Not everybody has the convenience of living with happiness.

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I can agree with your position about the psychologists, although the emotional support in such situations is important, but I can't agree with what you say about the religion.

Firstly, when I mentioned a religion, I didn't have in mind only Christianity, because all religions teach the same things with different wolds: they teach you love the life. They give you the meaning of life. They teach you how to be happy. Atheism is a relic of the 19th century, when people were curious about fast developing science. Today the existance of energy and aura are proven scientifically. And it is also proven that we are what we think. So if you think about that your life is dull and unhappy, it will be.

Secondly, I can't treat seriously the expression "error-filled book" from a person, who wastes his life on "learning": finding out random facts from the videos. If to learn something, the study should be of some more serious things: biology, physics, philosophy etc. One can study a philosophy of existentialism and maybe there you'll find out what to do and how to treat this life (warning: existantial philosophy can cause or worsen depression). I think, it will help to know world better than 24 facts about koalas.

If you are unaware of the plentiful errors in the bible, try reading it.

Here are some links: http://www.extremelysmart.com/insight/mistaken/Bible_errors.php


If any religion knew the meaning of life, there would only be one religion. Think about it. If feeling happy was the only meaning of life, nobody would work hard to accomplish great things. We would all just watch koala videos all day just to be happy.

Why would someone pay lots of money to take courses they don't need just to not be depressed? Seriously, does that sound like a smart thing to do? If I love koalas, I would much rather learn 24 amazing facts about koalas for free than to pay $2000 to take a course I am not interested in that won't help my life at all.