This question has been bugging me for some time now. In one of the episodes of Human Planet (a BBC documentary) the following sentence came up

I'll defend cattle with my death. (this was said by a Suri tribesman in his language and traslated into English).

Shouldn't it be "life" instead of "death"?

In addition to that, I also googled for "risk (your) death" and literally thousands of hits popped up. I suppose you can only risk your life, certainly not your death. (but you can say the risk of death/dying)

Any thoughts?
I agree with you entirely.

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Thanks. They usually keep their grammar in check so I was quite surprised to see such a mistake.
I assume the Suri tribesman said "with my death" and the BBC translated that literally. There's no reason why in the Suri language the expression cannot be "with my death".