Is this short paragraph OK: The truth of the matter is we are all different. There are moments in life we can never replace, and only you know yourself who you truly are and where you belong. Be who you want to be, live how you want to live, and in doing so will lead you to inner peace. My experiences have molded me into who I am today, thus I continue to look for new and unfamiliar things to add to the knowledge I already possess. Just remember, we don't and will never share the exact same experiences in life, and eventually we will all end up at the finish line. Hopefully, when that time comes, we can all lookback and say to ourselves, "wow, I've lived a full and fulfilling life with vigor and passion second to none."


lookback = look back

"wow, = "Wow,

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What about the rest of the paragraph?

I gave you all my corrections.

Shouldn't there be a comma after : only you know yourself,

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Use of commas is somewhat discretionary. Some people are liberal with their commas, others conservative.

What is life?