I know the meaning of 'lightening struck'

But sometimes its used as an expression in a sentences.. Iwould like to know what type of expression does it conveys.

'The lightening struck 2years back. [to say if one was married 2yrs back]

pls suggest

You might be confusing lightning strike and lightning struck.
Here are some examples:

Lightning strikes are common in nature. (n)

Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod, which saved many people and structures from being damaged by lightning strikes. (n)

There's an old saying that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. (v)
Lightning struck my house two years ago. (v)
Lightning strikes the golf course often because it has the tallest trees in the neighborhood.(v)

Discussion: I've marked the sentences above with (n) for noun and (v) for verb.

A lighning strike (n) is a noun phrase. Lightning is used as an adjective modifying the noun strike. It is the flash of lightning that reaches the ground and can be damaging or fatal.

Lightning can also be a noun by itself. It is often used with the verb strike. The past tense of strike is struck.
In the sentences marked (v), the subject is lightning, and the verb is strike.
I don't think we can judge, dec. To me, 'the lightning struck' just means 'a very dramatic event occurred'. Context will explain whether it was horrible or wonderful.
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Thankyou very much .All above is ok but Ive read some write this line to express something...

for eg

If a person is asked when did you get married and he answers as 'the lightining struck 2years back' [its understood that he meant he was married 2yrs back]

But what expression he wants to show by saying " the lightining struck 2 years back" Is it that [he is very happy, or it was all of a sudden, or it was an mistake. or something else??]

Please explain to me.
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I've never heard such an answer to that question, but I guess he thinks that his marriage was a very important, unique event in his life, something he will never forget.

It could be either that it was a lucky event, and he is very happy, or just the opposite.

Perhaps the interpretation is cultural, depending on how the people feel about lightning - is it good luck or bad luck?