Hello, are these sentences correct?

1) What were the people in Africa like?

2) What were the people like in Africa?

3) Who did you go to the wedding with?

4) Who did you go with to the wedding?

Thank You!

anonymousHello, are these sentences correct?

"Hello" is a single-word sentence. Write "Hello. Are these sentences correct?" Actually, a please would be nice once in a while, and a hello is unnecessary: "Could you please tell me whether these sentences are correct?"

They are all OK, but 4 is much less likely than 3.

Do you teach manners? This forum is about grammar not manners. I was quite polite when writing the post.

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Do you teach manners?

anonymousDo you teach manners?

Apparently. I was advising you on how to write posts in English that seem polite. The word "please" is a big part of that. I did not feel comfortable correcting the format of your salutation without also amending its content, so as not to mislead you into thinking it was OK.

Relax. The folks in here are a friendly bunch who volunteer their time to help people learn English. OK, I am not that friendly, but I mean no harm.