Hi teachers,
Could you possibly help me clarify the following points?:

a/Can I say:

I like/lovehate her (the) most
I like/love/hate her best

b/Due to there not being enough food , we had to borrow some from a neighbour.

Thank you in advance
b/ "due to" vs "because of" is tricky, and harder to grasp when you reverse the sentence order.

Because there was not enough food, we etc. OR

Because of there not being enough food, we etc.

With "due to," the noun which it modifies should precede it, and the verb should be a verb of being. Our need to borrow some food from a neighbor was due to there not being enough to eat at our house. (Others may prefer an intirely different form.)

a/ "best" is the superlative of "good," and it's not the goodness of something that makes you hate it most. So you shouldn't use "best" with "hate." It's okay with the others.

"Most" works with all three.

- A.
Thank you Avangi