Can anyone explain the significance of the lime-colored blocks which now appear randomly interspersed in the threads? They sometimes appear to be relevant, sometimes totally not.

Best wishes, - A.

Edit. In the "pick up where we left off" thread, the lime block offers "pick up stream." (very useful - perhaps a good fishing spot) Shall we assume it means, "Pick up steam"?? Is the lime block sometimes guilty of typos like the rest of us?
I think it's just a box with some links that are supposed to be relevant or at least a related to the original post. Of course that's difficult to achieve, so you just get some links you might want to click if you feel like losing any time. Emotion: wink
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
Thanks, Kooyeen, I'm in favor of that. BTW, your bear has an interesting expression on his face. How would you describe it?

- A.
Heh, he's annoyed. But I would usually say pissed.In any case, I like it because if that, and because he looks suspicious and possibly dangerous. Emotion: hmm

Emotion: stick out tongue