Is lime a type of sedimentary stone?

Can I refer to white cobblestones made of that rock, 'lime cobblestones'?

Chalk cobblestones does not sound right to me and I cannot see lime in the dictionary as meaning a rock.

Uhm as far as I'm concerned "lime" is not a kind of rock. Emotion: indifferent
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After a little search I found that I propbably mean' limestone', but 'limestone cobblestones' sounds a bit funny.

Any alternatives?
Limestone cobbles is probably your best option.

The specially sized stones for path or roadmaking can be called either cobblestones or cobbles.

Lime is not chemically the same as limestone. Limestone and chalk are the same but differ in the way that they were formed in the earth. However chalk is softer and so could not be used for cobbles.