Carry-on bags tend to be treated more gently than checked bags so Lloyd says there is an opportunity to choose more of a fashion-forward bag than basic black. Plus, she adds, a bright color or graphic print -- she's starting to use a black-and-white pattern bag with black patent leather stripes -- will make it easy to find your bag in the overcrowded overhead bins.

Also, be mindful of your airline's size limit for carry-on bags. American's, for example, is 45 linear inches.

Shouldn't it be limitS?

Thanks in advance!
I believe that each airline has its own size limit for hand luggage so each airline only has 1 limit for the size of hand luggage
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Do you consider the length, width and height as three separate limits for size or just 1 limit?
I consider there is 1 limit for each airline
This limit is made up from length, width, height and weight.
However, when checking in at the airport, if any of these (and you're right) limits is exceeded, I am told that I have exceeded the size limit for hand luggage.
(Sorry weight is maybe not in the size limit - debatable - but, in any case, there is also a weight limit on hand luggage, certainly on the airlines I use)
In general, for international travel the airline industry standard size is 22" x 14" x 9" for carry-on suitcases and folded garment bags. In most cases, you'll be able to carry cases of this size or smaller on board the plane.

If your baggage is overweight and excess the applicable excess fee above plus the applicable overweight charge above will be charged per bag. If any of your items weighs more than 100 lbs./45 kg or measures more than 62 in./157 cm
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Good info!