Some linking verbs can be used as action verb. I know they will confuse me sometimes.

Today, I have a test with a single sentence: My son grows taller everyday.

I thought "grows" was action verb which describes something developing it own but it turned out "grows" was linking verb.

Please someone helps me with this case.



My son grows [taller everyday].

Yes, "grow" is one of the verbs (your linking verbs) that can take a predicative complement, which is what the bracketed comparative adjective phrase is.

"Grow" here is a verb of becoming, and hence the complement is known as a resultative one.

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Can you make it clearer with this.

I still think "grows" is action verb but the answer shows that it is linking verb.

As I know, linking verb has no meaning, it only connects the subject with object ( noun or adjective).

So the structure would be :

I feel good ~~~~> I = good(condition)

I am at home ~~~~> I = at home (location)

My son grows taller ~~~~~> My son = taller ????

Think of it like this:

[1] My son grows tomatoes every year.

[2] My son grows taller every day.

In [1] "grows" is a dynamic verb; it's transitive and has the direct object "tomatoes".

In [2] my son is not growing anything -- he is simply becoming taller. In other words, "growing" could be replaced by "becoming" with no change in meaning.

Oh, thank you

It is very grammatical logic and clear.

I am going to be more careful with it

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