I googled it but found TOO MUCH information and got lost.
Could you help me with this one?
We'll have to ask a Finn, demi. Linux was named after the Finnish programmer, Linus
Torvalds. The first name of Linus Pauling, the American winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, is pronounced /lain?s/.
BUT, Linus himself pronounces it with a short I sound, like in the word "win"...and the "u" is a short "u", as in the word "up".

Does that help?
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I believe I've always heard it said so as to rhyme approximately with "tin tux" (rather than with "fine tux", if that's what you're asking), but I will readily defer to a computer expert on this one!
Yeah, CalifJim is right...and a better explanation than I offered. hehe

L- as it is
I - as in "it" (a short ee)
N - as in "man"
U - as in "put"
X - as in "hoax"

LINUX is a combination between LINUs (Torvalds) - linux's creator- and miniX (his inspiration for Linux)

On the following site, you'll be able to hear Linus Torvals pronouncing "Linux": http://www.paul.sladen.org/pronunciation /
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Marco, please note that "it" has a short i sound. Eat has a long e sound.
Hi Rabling Rose,
I know that "it" has a short "i" sound, but I referred to "ee" from "Lee"-nux.
I don't know what you meant by "eat".
Rambling Rose! Excuse me for my typo! Emotion: smile Emotion: smile Emotion: smile
By the way, I don't think it's really important whether it's a short "i" or a long one.
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