Do you know where I could find the list of all the nationalities in English? I already have the list of the country in the World but I can't find the nationalities Emotion: sad

Thanks in advance
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Hello Pienna,

Thanks for the link, but it only gives the "common" countries, which are possible to find quite easily. My problem is really for trickier countries, like:
Bosnia and Harzegovina

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Then just try to search for some encyclopeadic articles about these countries in English - possibly there you can find how their inhabitants are called.
barbados Barbadian

bangladesh Bangladeshi

Bosnia Bosnian

and Harzegovina Herzogovian
Thanks all,

ok I guess I will have to use my dictionary to find the 194 inhabitant names (minus commons).

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I suppose you could post them a few at a time. Emotion: smile
HI Ludo,

did you ever find a list of all the nationalities. I am looking now and came across your question two years ago. if you have found or compiled a list could you send it to me? it would be greatly appreciated.

Sharen ([Personal contact removed by a moderator.Please add it in your profile only.])
The CIA World Factbook at


Has a 'nationality' category which lists the correct word(s) for describing nationals of all countries.
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