How to imrove english listening?/ Can anyone have some audio to imrove it.
please suggest me?
Hello, Pankaj—and welcome to English Forums.

There is plenty of audio/video available on the internet. Try any of the TV news and commentary shows, or try YouTube, for instance. The secret to making listening practice useful is to DO something, to accomplish some task while listening. Most students just listen passively: they listen and they are finished. This accomplishes little. Here are some listening tasks you can do on your own:

Select a short video and:

1. Before you listen, look at the opening titles, look at the graphics or accompanying photos and guess what the narrative is about. Write it down and compare it to what is actually said.

2. Turn the volume to 'off' and watch the video with no sound. Try to guess what it is about and what is said generally. Write this down and compare it to what is actually said.

3. Watch and listen to the video, and then write down the points that you remember. It is important to write information down in all these exercises; merely thinking about them is not sufficient.

4. Watch and listen to the video and write down each and every word said. Play the video over and over until you have understood and written down a complete transcription.

5. After you have done all that, play it again and say the same words along with the narration (this is called 'shadowing'); it is good for pronunciation and flow. The more naturally you speak the language, the easier it is to understand speakers.

6. Then, play it again with no volume. You speak the narrative yourself. Do this with the transcript you have written, and try it without the transcript, too.

These are all tasks that will help you understand the spoken language without a teacher or a classroom. Very few students will bother to do these, though.

In our modern world communication has become more important than ever, yet, we spend less and less time listening to each other. If you want to improve your listening skills, first of all, to talk the speaker face-to-face and maintain eye contact. Always be attentive but relaxed at the same time. Keep your mind open. While your partner in conversation is talking, listen to him and try to picture what he's saying. Do not interrupt other people and suggest your solutions. In case the talker has paused, you may ask some questions to clarify everything.